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In September of 2013 Keahi went on his annual trip to one of the outer islands off Bali to shoot with Jason Wolcott. He managed to luck into a couple of the best swells of the year! This is the result.

Indo Sessions

A film by Anders Kruger from the 2013 Cabrinha surf photoshoot on Oahu that Keahi features heavily in. Keahi Reo and Moona ended up scoring some of the best conditions for a photoshoot to date.


Keahi's most popular video to date. With the strapless freestyle side of the sport starting to take off, Keahi spent a season in Hawaii and released this video of himself landing some new moves that at the time had never been done before.

Hawaii Sessions


In mid 2012 Keahi made the journey to the UAE to SUP the man made wave pool Wadi Adventure. With a light breeze blowing, he managed to successfully get some decent waves with a kite making him the first person to ride waves kiting in a man made wave pool.

Wadi Adventure Kitesurfing

At the end of 2013 Keahi took a trip to France for the last stop of the SUP world tour at La Torche. He visited Kite Plus, the local Cabrinha shop in Brittany and got to experience what some of the local spots had to offer.


Keahi in Brittany

Keahi doing some strapless Freestyle on a trip to Melbourne in 2012

Keahi in Melboure

The video from Keahi and Reo's trip to Indo in 2012

Tunnel Visions

An older video from a few years ago showing off Keahi's freestyle side a little more. Shot at the 2011 Nationals in Alva and fun wave spot a few hours south of his home